Bajolo Rolo Dakota "ROLO"

Rolo is presently living with his new owners, the Metzler family, in Markham, Ontario. He is enjoying his new life with the family. As you can see on the pictures, life is really tough...

Rolo vit maintenant avec ses nouveaux propriétaires, la famille Metzler, à Markham, Ontario. Il s'adapte très bien à sa nouvelle vie.

5 years old ROLO enjoying enjoying some time in water
3 years old ROLO enjoying his vacation with his owners. He met his daddy Nevada while on vacations in September 2008!
2 years old ROLO enjoying his vacations in Finger Lakes, NY - August 2007
Rolo at 8.5 months old

Rolo at 5 months enjoying Winter!
Rolo at 8 weeks old