Bajolo Hurricane Harley

Harley is now living with his new family, Rita, Les, Amber and Emily Burt-Molchan as well as his "aunt" Garnet and Tanner the Manchester terrier! He is adjusting very well to his new life and will be a very busy boy as Rita is planning lots of thing for him. Obedience, Rally-O, Agility and Tracking.

Harley vit maintenant avec sa nouvelle famille. Rita, Les, Amber et Emily Burt-Molchan. Il vit également avec sa "tante" Garnet et Tanner le Manchester terrier. Il s'adapte très bien à sa nouvelle vie. Rita a beaucoup de projets pour Harley dont l'obéissance, le rally-o, l'agilité et le tracking.


Rita and Harley and Harley and sister Charlotte at their Agility Basic 2 graduation!

Harley and his brother Milo at their Basic obedience class graduation!
Harley - 4 months old!